Electrician Ogden

Living without electricity is unthinkable in today’s world. Almost every aspect of our lives involves the use of electricity. We light our homes using electricity, we use electricity for our heating or cooling, we are always preoccupied with our electrical gadgets and appliances. Have you ever encountered an electrical power disconnect or cut, It is […]

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5 Benefits of Professional Heat Tape Installation

Winter is a wonderful time and seeing houses covered in snow is a beautiful sight but all of that beautiful snow can cause quite a lot of damage. Snow can cause everything from water damage to roof sag and heavy ice can potentially cause injury to people below. Heat tape is an electrical product that […]

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As part of our green electrical contracting services, Arc Blue Electric, recently completed a lighting upgrade for a commercial office and warehouse on Wall Ave, in Ogden, Utah. All the lights in the building were fluorescent T-12’s and the exterior lights were metal-halide. Arc Blue Electric worked closely with Rocky Mountain Power’s Energy Efficiency department […]

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This is a test…

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Utah Solar Energy Credits

From state to state there are various credits that can be given for staying energy efficient, and Utah is no different. Be aware of the various advantages you can obtain from this, and how it will affect you either on a personal or business level. There may be some changes you can make in your […]

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Saving Energy With Your Halloween Decorations

Halloween is fast approaching. If you haven’t started on your decorations, now is the time to get a move on it. There are many different options for those wishing to add a little extra to their home décor this season. Whether you are decorating for fall, or just for Halloween night, the expenses can really […]

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Electrical Home Automation

Technology is making it easier and easier to deal with things that were once cumbersome to manage. Rather than having a separate device for each of these, they can now all be controlled from one convenient source such as an iPad or even some tablets. Learn which electric components in your home can be controlled […]

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How Solar Panels Work

There are many different things that can be powered by solar energy. Everything from small calculators to entire homes can be powered with energy from the sun. The way solar cells function may seem like a mystery, but when broken down, the process if fairly easy to understand. The history The idea of using solar […]

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Throwing a Cool Outdoor Summer Party

Summer is the time for outdoor events. From backyard barbecues to outdoor concerts, enjoying the weather outside is one of the best parts of summer. Though summer afternoons can be crushingly hot, there is something special about summer evenings and these are the best times to throw an outdoor party. Unlike parties that are thrown […]

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Landscape Lighting Design

Now that it’s hot outside, you’re probably starting to enjoy your patio and back yard more and more. And perhaps that has you thinking you could really use some outdoor lighting. Before you run off to Lowe’s for those “stick-in-the-ground” battery operated or solar powered lights, here’s a couple things to think about when planning […]

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