5 Benefits of Professional Heat Tape Installation

Winter is a wonderful time and seeing houses covered in snow is a beautiful sight but all of that beautiful snow can cause quite a lot of damage. Snow can cause everything from water damage to roof sag and heavy ice can potentially cause injury to people below.

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Heat tape is an electrical product that can be installed to your roof to prevent damaging ice and snow from collecting on roofs and in gutters. It can offer a steady stream of heat or be on a timer and can be custom fit to any roof size and shape.


When researching heat tape you may come across many posts about how to DIY your heat tape installation but you may want to rethink doing this project yourself. Installing heat tape yourself or even using an unseasoned installer has many risks, a bad installation can cost you more money in upgrades and repairs and can even pose a fire hazard.

Here are 5 benefits to having heat tape professionally installed by Arc Blue before this winter season

1- Increase gutter efficiency
Gutters help maintain your roof by ensuring proper water runoff but Ice can ruin your gutters by causing crack and sometimes pulling it from the roof completely. Heat tape ensures that ice will not build up, keeping your gutters running smoothly.

2-Prevent Ice falling
Ice can not only damage your roof but can potentially be very dangerous to people below. Opening and closing door and fluctuations in temperature can cause ice glaciers to fall and heavy ice can cause severe injuries.

3- Prevent roof sagging
A heavy snowfall can weigh heavily on your roof causing sagging and damage which can lead to a leaky roof. By having a heat source installed to prevent snow buildup, you can ensure the longevity of your roof.

4- Prevent water damage and mildew
Water buildup from improper drainage and snow can cause serious damage and once mildew sets in, it can quickly spread and can cost you a lot of money in repairs. Proper prevention can help to avoid mold and water build up altogether.

5- Once it’s done, it’s done
Unlike other household seasonal maintenance, once heat tape is installed you can rest assured that your roof is taken care of. No more dangerous roof top snow clearing, ice glaciers and water buildup. Unless your roofer finds other issues, you should be set to go for many years to come.


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