July 21, 2010


Salt Lake City Commercial Wiring

Electrical Solutions in Ogden and Salt Lake


The wiring in a commercial or industrial project is essential to the functionality and aesthetic quality of the built environment. At Arc Blue Electric, we serve our clients by providing both high quality and reasonably priced commercial and industrial electric services. Our commercial services include:

  • New Construction – We provide the wiring for new commercial and industrial construction projects, from the ground up.
  • Tenant Improvements – Installing the lighting and electrical for a business opening up shop in a new commercial or industrial space, including restaurants and retail stores.
  • Remodel – Retrofitting an existing building for industrial or commercial use, or upgrading your current business electrical system to meet modern-day electrical and wiring standards.
  • Lighting Retrofits – Save money and cut your electrical operational expenses by retrofitting your current commercial or industrial lighting to energy and cost saving alternatives.
  • Solar / Photovoltaic / PV Panels – Invest in energy independence for your business, and make a statement to your customers about energy and the environment by installing Solar PV Panels.
  • Heat Tape – We offer snow and ice melt solutions for commercial and industrial projects.

Or experienced electricians will ensure that our electric installation not only meets the electrical needs of your business, but also makes your business look good. We begin by installing quality electrical panels, breakers, and a minimum 12-gauge wire so that the electrical capacity of your system will meet the demands of your project. We install the wire, conduit, and light fixtures straight and parallel with clean conduit runs, bends, and offsets. The result is electrical wiring that can be exposed as a modern element of your commercial or industrial project. Is up to date with all national electrical codes and requirements