July 21, 2010


Commercial Lighting Ogden & Salt Lake City

Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Large scale industrial lights are essential for many business operations, but can be tricky to install and maintain (especially given the heights at which many of them are placed).  Arc Blue Electric has experience working with commercial and industrial businesses to install, maintain, and retrofit commercial lighting.

Do you have a commercial or industrial facility that is more than ten years old? Lighting technology has made great strides over the last decade, significantly improving both the light quality and energy efficiency of new fixtures. A lighting retrofit involves replacing outdated electrical fixtures with newer, more efficient alternatives, thereby saving you significant operational / energy expenses. Arc Blue Electric can make recommendations for your light retrofit project, and complete the work for you.

Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance and Electric Sign Repair

Arc Blue Electric offers pole light (parking lot lighting) installation, repair, and maintenance.  We also can troubleshoot and repair lighting in electric signs.  In fact, with our 30′ lift we can access pole lights, signs, and hard to reach exterior building lighting and electrical up to 40′ high.