Electrical Home Automation

Technology is making it easier and easier to deal with things that were once cumbersome to manage. Rather than having a separate device for each of these, they can now all be controlled from one convenient source such as an iPad or even some tablets. Learn which electric components in your home can be controlled through your iPad or smart phone.


Access your computer


For some this function is more important than others, especially if you use both your computer and your iPad for work. If you have ipadforgotten something on your computer, use this portable device to pull it up, linking the documents between the two.


Besides just accessing documents from your home computer, you can use your iPad to turn it on. This is helpful when getting the documents off your computer. If the desktop is usually turned off to save energy, this will still allow you to access information, and turn it off once you are finished.




There’s no reason to worry about missing your favorite TV show ever again. Set up your smart phone to your DVR, which will give you programing access. Rather than wasting time running home to make sure everything is set up, use this app to control everything you need.


The days of a coffee table littered with remotes are no longer. With a hardware add-on, you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a universal remote, controlling a number of things including the TV, DVD player, and even the fan. Rather than dealing with an assortment of remotes, consolidate into one.


The electricity


light switchFor some reason, kids just don’t seem to understand the importance of turning off lights when leaving a room. Rather than wasting the electricity in your home, hook up the lights to the iPad. This goes for indoor lights as well as outdoor.


The initial setup may be tricky for some, but the benefits of having the ability to turn off your lights at your home wherever you go will be infinitely worth it. Use this function when you are out of town to turn on a security light at night, but save energy during the day, or just to verify you turned off the lights when you rushed out the door for work.


The car


Depending on the type of car you drive, you may even be able to have access to the stats of your car. Currently this feature is only available for electric cars, but could be expanding to hybrid and gas powered cars as well. With this feature monitor the charging info, lock the doors, sound the horn, or turn on the lights all from outside the car.


Controlling your home from your iPad is becoming more of a reality for many. To learn more about the process, call the best electrician in Utah. We can help you learn the steps to make this dream come true.


By Cassie Costner