Salt Lake City Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Power Installation in Ogden and Salt Lake

Solar Panels - Arc Blue ElectricWith over 126 days of sunny days each year, Utah is an ideal place to install a photovoltaic system. Let us help you capture some of our natural solar energy by investing in PV Panels. Our electricians are licensed to install solar electric systems and we can walk you through a wide array of options to help you reduce energy costs and receive alternative energy tax credits.

  • Off-the-grid solar – Become more independent by using a battery system to store the energy produced by the solar arrays.
  • Grid-tied solar – As an alternative to storing your excess electricity on-site, you can connect your panels so that any energy you don’t use gets sent back to the grid. The power company will give you wholesale rates for the power that they buy back from you.

We have solar analysis equipment that assesses your potential PV assembly location and allows us to give you a cost per kilowatt estimate for your panels installed. Let our licensed installers complete a solar analysis at your home or commercial project to assess the potential energy generation.

Tax Incentives For Solar Power