LED Lighting Retrofit: Out with the old and in with the new!

We’ve seen LED’s (light emitting diode) and CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamp) becoming more and more popular/affordable over the last few years….

Utility companies are now offering rebates to commercial property owners and even residential home owners to convert to LED or CFL, though we prefer LED’s.

LED lights come in many different styles, from a standard screw in bulb or recessed can light ‘retrofit’ to a large industrial ‘hi-bay’ type fixture. If you live in a rural area your street lights may have already been converted to LED’s.

LED’s are a great alternative to CFL’s because they last much 2 to 3 times longer than a CFL, they don’t have a ‘slow start’ or ‘warm up’ period and most LED’s are mercury free!

There are a lot of LED conversions or retrofits on the market today.  Below are three examples of LED’s that are easy to install. The first is a ‘disc light’ that can be mounted to any 3/0-4/0 round light box yet still gives the appearance of a recessed can light. The second is a ‘retrofit’ to convert a recessed can light to an LED. And the third is a regular ‘screw in’ type lamp that has many different applications.

The Disc Light:

LED Lighting Retrofit

The Retrofit kit:

LED Lighting Retrofit

The Screw-In Bulb:

LED Lighting Retrofit

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