Lighting Retrofit

Today we worked on a Guitar Center where we were asked to install a retrofit kit that replaces an old T-12 fixture with the more energy efficient T-8 lamps and ballasts. In this particular instance we were converting the 8′ long T-12’s from a two lamp configuration to a T-8 4-lamp configuration. It’s a little difficult to see in the picture below but the fixture closest to the camera has been retrofitted to a T-8 where as the fixture in the distance is still the old T-12.

T 12 retrofit to T 8

Recent energy conservation requirements have enforced the phasing out of the old T-12 and replacing them with the T-8. The reason behind the madness is due to the simple fact that the T-8 fixture is more efficient than the T-12.

The standard 4′ T-8 lamp is a 32 Watt lamp where the T-12 is a 40 Watt lamp. They have already discontinued the production of T-12 fixtures and soon they will halt the production of replacement T-12 lamps and ballasts.

The latest fluorescent lamp to enter the market is known as the T-5. It’s even brighter and more energy efficient than the T-8. If you have an office or warehouse that has T-12 fixtures give us a call and let’s get them replaced or updated before you are left in the dark!