November 12, 2012


Arc Blue Electric in Ogden

As our company grows, we want to offer more services to a greater client base. That’s why we have expanded our company to include Ogden and the surrounding areas.

We have worked hard to train our electricians to be courteous, educated, and skilled in whatever service you need, so you can always trust that they will take care to be respectful of your home or business.

New Construction in Ogden

Arc Blue Electric was originally an electrical contracting company that specialized in new construction, so we know all the best tricks of the trade and can offer you the electrical system that best fits you and your home or business.

Our standard wiring includes:

  • Minimum 12-gauge wire
  • Parallel wiring to minimize interference with HVAC systems and piping
  • Surge protection for your entire home or business

Service Calls in Ogden

If you have any kind of electrical problem, whether residential or commercial, or need new wiring for a new construction or remodel project you have going on, Arc Blue Electric can take care of it. Our educated service electricians can be on site to your Ogden property in no time to:

  • Add new lights or outlets
  • Fix damage from power surges or power outages
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Correct tripped breakers
  • Set up service contracts with apartment buildings or other complexes

Remodeling in Ogden

Do you want to add onto or remodel your existing home or business and need electrical outfitting? Are you revamping your current set up and what some entertaining electrical innovations? If so, Arc Blue Electric can work with you and any other contractors you have on site to create the perfect additions to your building by:

  • Implementing lighting renovations
  • Upgrading the electrical capacity
  • Installing new wiring in additions
  • Rewiring remodeled kitchens and bathrooms
  • Installing new wiring into recently finished basements
  • Upgrading electrical wiring on historic homes

Installing Heat Tape in Ogden

Ogden homes and businesses often receive a lot of snow in the wintertime. Snow and ice can be very heavy and can damage roofs and block gutters. In order to protect the functionality of both your roof and gutter, you can have heat tape installed. We promise to:

  • Find the heat trace system that works best for you
  • Make sure that snow and ice will no longer cause damage
  • Educate you in the way that heat trace systems work
  • Offer upgrades to make the maintenance of the system easier

Arc Blue Wants to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you need help with new construction, electrical servicing, remodeling, or the installation of heat tape, our specialized team of electricity experts can get the job done right every time. Our experience with all kinds of electrical systems and situations allows us to confront any new project with confidence.

To receive courteous service and expertise, call Arc Blue Electric today!