August 26, 2020

Heat Tape Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain Utah Heat Tape

Heat Tape Installation in Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain’s unique combination of climate conditions has allowed it to feature the “greatest snow on earth.” With an average annual snowfall of around 500 inches, it’s no wonder the area is famous for its many ski resorts and winter activities. However, the difference between tourists and residents is that those who live and work in Powder Mountain have to protect their homes and facilities from ice damming that can cause significant damage to their roofs. 

A Viable Solution in Heat Tape

Heat tape is an increasingly cost effective and efficient solution when it comes to ice-related roof damage. During installation, the cables are looped back and forth along the edge of the roof and gutters. Once plugged in, they heat up, causing unwanted ice and snow to melt and drip onto the ground. Best of all, when they’re not needed, all you have to do is unplug them from the electrical outlet. 

An Aesthetic Roof Melt Solution

Here at Arc Blue Electric, we’re here to protect your home and keep it looking nice. The last thing you want are hundreds of feet of heating cables zig-zagged across your roof. We keep them out of site, allowing them to do all the work inconspicuously. Call about our professional heat tape Powder Mountain installation today!


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