July 21, 2010

Heat Tape

Salt Lake City Heat Tape

Heat Tape Installation in Ogden and Salt Lake

Our Utah powder makes for great skiing, but the ice and snow can damage your roof and gutters. Prevent ice damming by installing heat tape along your roof, gutters, and downspouts. This electric radiant heat trace works to melt ice and snow before it can damage your roof. Don’t leave this to the amateurs. The heat trace has to be installed correctly to work, otherwise you’ll spend a lot more in the long run dealing with the resulting water damage from ice collecting in your gutters. Arc Blue Electric has experience installing snow melt systems for use in the harshest of Utah’s winter climates – Park City and Huntsville, Utah. A good roof melt /gutter de-icing system is an essential investment for every Northern Utah home.

At Arc Blue Electric we offer systems from a range of heat trace manufacturers. We can install the wire after your roof and gutter have already been put in place. We also offer a sub-roof or underlayment ice melt system that is installed under your shingles. This alternative is virtually invisible, and looks much better than heating wires zigzagging across your brand new roof.

We install a wide range of electric radiant technologies including electric radiant flooring. Electric warm floors are a great solution for retrofit and remodel applications. They are also a good solution for small spaces like bathrooms. In addition we can install electric baseboard heating, or electric wall panel heaters. Again, these are great alternatives to a complete HVAC/Furnace retrofit.