July 21, 2010

Low Voltage

Salt Lake City Under Cabinet Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting Solutions

Electrical Low Voltage

Don’t forget about the advantages and convenience of low voltage electrical lighting for home accent and landscape lighting. Let the professionals tackle sensitive jobs like under-cabinet lighting, and the logistics of landscape lighting. Arc Blue offers professional low-voltage lighting installation that will look and function far better than an off-the-shelf kit from your local home improvement store.

Home Audio Installation

Imagine being able to listen to your i-tunes or favorite internet radio station (or any radio station for that matter) throughout every room in your home. Easily control the volume and source with the touch of a remote control or even your i-phone. With integrated whole house audio wiring, we can install any number of speaker configurations to fit your individual needs! By planning ahead during the construction or remodel of your home, we can hard-wire the audio system, and install in-wall speakers. It is still possible to install in-wall speakers and whole house audio even as an afterthought.