November 12, 2012

Salt Lake City

Arc Blue Electric in Salt Lake City

Since our company was created, we have always been looking for ways to serve our customers better all across the Salt Lake area. For that reason, we’ve expanded our staff and added additional services to our company so we can handle the demand in the valley and provide everyone with quality work when they want it.

New Construction in Salt Lake City

When building a new home or business, you are going to want an electrical system implemented that meets the demands of the building and is customized for its specific uses. Arc Blue Electric understands the work that needs to go into implementing new wiring, and we can work with the current contractors on the project to give you exactly what you want.

Standard wiring procedures include:

  • Surge protection for your entire home or business
  • Parallel wiring to minimize interference with HVAC systems and piping
  • Minimum 12-gauge wire

Service Calls in Salt Lake City

Does your electrical system work properly? Are you due for an electrical upgrade? If so, you can trust that our knowledgeable employees at Arc Blue Electric can identity a solution for you and solve the problem on site at your Salt Lake City home or business. We can:

  • Trip breakers
  • Fix damage from power surges or power outages
  • Add new lights or outlets
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Set up service contracts with apartment buildings or other complexes

Remodeling in Salt Lake City

Remodeling is a great way to change up your home or business and customize it so that it fits your lifestyle better. And, whether you need to connect the new area to the electrical system you already have or just want to add fun and innovative electrical additions, you can trust that Arc Blue Electric can implement them for you. To give you some examples, we can:

  • Rewire remodeled kitchens and bathrooms
  • Install new wiring in additions
  • Upgrade the electrical capacity
  • Implement lighting renovations
  • Install new wiring into recently finished basements
  • Upgrade electricity in historically preserved areas

Installing Heat Tape in Salt Lake City

If you don’t have heat tape installed, you run the risk of damaging your roof and getting blockages in your gutter that can cause flooding later during the winter season. To prevent these costly damages, you can have heat tape installed, which is designed to stop ice and snow from ever building up, giving you all the winter protection you need. When installing a heat trace solution to your home or business, we will:

  • Educate you in the way that heat trace systems work
  • Make sure that snow and ice will no longer cause damages
  • Find the heat trace system that works best for you
  • Offer upgrades to make the maintenance of the system easier

Let Us Help You

If you live in Salt Lake and need electrical repairs, electrical outfitting in new buildings, heat tape, or electrical connections for a remodel, Arc Blue Electric can do it all! Call us today!