Saving Energy With Your Halloween Decorations

Halloween is fast approaching. If you haven’t started on your decorations, now is the time to get a move on it. There are many different options for those wishing to add a little extra to their home décor this season. Whether you are decorating for fall, or just for Halloween night, the expenses can really add up, especially when it comes to the electric bill. Rather than dealing with this, use these methods to save money on your bills this season.



 halloween decoration 3

One of the most important times for your Halloween decorations in the yard is at night. Light up your yard with creepy strobe lights, and other ways to make your hard work recognized. Some of the most extravagant lighting options can really rack up your electric bill for October. With Christmas just around the corner save the high electric bills for later. Use more energy efficient tactics now.


Instead of using a spotlight that connects to your outlets, consider using solar power to light up your yard. Small solar lights that are usually used to light up a path, or accent your garden are surprisingly bright. For a onetime cost, you will keep your Halloween decorations visible no matter the time of day.


String lights

 halloween decoration 2

Although traditionally thought of as Christmas lights, there are other holiday lights that are becoming popular all around. These tips hold true to those string lights used for Halloween, as well as those that are used for other holidays.


You have a wide variety of string lights to choose from that are Halloween themed, everything from cute pumpkins to frightening witches. Hang them up either outside your home, or inside. If you do hang them inside, hang them either in a window, or somewhere out in the open where your guests will be able to see them. Only keep the lights on while it is dark, turning them off to save energy during the day.




Of course if you are really looking to save on the electric bill, you can always go with Halloween decorations that don’t use any electricity. Set your pumpkins on the porch and put in a candle to keep the light going. For this, be extra cautious, making sure to put out the candles when leaving the house or after going to sleep to prevent fires.


You don’t need to rack up the electric bill this Halloween season to have the best decorations on the block. Look into the less expensive options. Your home will still look outstanding even using these methods. If you have any problems with your electricity this season, call Arc Blue Electric. We can help get your home back to normal.


By +Cassie Costner