August 20, 2019


Do you have an electrical problem or repair and you need an immediate repair? Do you have a light fixture or an outlet that isn’t working (and it’s not just a tripped breaker or GFI)? Do you have a breaker or circuit that keeps tripping? Do you have outlets that are loose or even sparking? Do you need an outlet or a light fixture added? WE CAN HELP WITH THAT!

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Our friendly and knowledgable electricians are great a troubleshooting, and can usually be on-site within 24-hrs, or sooner in the event of a real electrical emergency. Wether it is an electrical outlet, light switch, or tripping breaker that doesn’t seem to be working properly; or any other electrical issue you are having, our electricians can usually get to the root of the problem quickly and get you squared away!

Call us today to schedule a service call to diagnose and fix your electrical problem! 801-791-2583

Or if you need an estimate on a larger electrical remodel project, we can do that too, just give us a call to find out more!