Throwing a Cool Outdoor Summer Party

Summer is the time for outdoor events. From backyard barbecues to outdoor concerts, enjoying the weather outside is one of the best parts of summer. Though summer afternoons can be crushingly hot, there is something special about summer evenings and these are the best times to throw an outdoor party. Unlike parties that are thrown in the confines of a building, outdoor parties have the benefit of space to spread out and open air to enliven the mood. With a little planning, some good lighting, and an excellent sound system, your next outdoor summer party is sure to be a memorable one. Here are a couple points to consider.

Utilize Colored Lights

This is a great way to brighten the atmosphere and create a cool ambience. There are a lot of different sizes, shapes, and styles of outdoor lights on the market, and they can be easily strung from an outdoor patio or trees. A nice way to organize the lighting is to string it around likely congregation areas such as above tables and chairs and food and music areas. Spreading out the lighting across the yard is the best way to ensure that there is a balance of light for the party–you can use extension cords to run the lights from the house. It is pretty hard to go wrong with colored lights since there is everything to love about catchy, brightly colored lights reflecting across the yard. Hang some up, plug them in, and enjoy.

Set Up Speakers

A party without a good sound system is like a car with a broken accelerator. Music is a vital part of the progression any party and whether you are having a live band or a just powering up the iTunes, an essential part of good music is good speakers. Rigging outdoor speakers can be as simple or a complicated as you make it. Ground speakers are always a good, easy option since you will just need to run the extension cord, plug in, and go. Elevated speakers require a little more work, but can be a great way to broadcast the sound and create a surround sound effect. Consider placing some smaller speakers higher up and around the yard while keeping larger ground speakers near the source. Wiring the speakers together may take some time, but good sound is worth the effort. For a secure way of raising speakers off the ground, use adjustable speaker stands.

Any successful party ultimately comes down to people once the ambiance is set. Nailing the atmosphere will ensure that people perceive the mood and act accordingly. A relaxing, lively ambiance with good color, music, food, and drink will make your next outdoor summer party an event not to be missed.